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Standard RFP Attachments:

Standard Contract for Information Technology Services:

Confidentiality Agreement

Standard Contract for Services

  • Standard Contract for Services (12/12/2018 Revised)

  • Standard Short Form:  Standard Short Form (12/12/2018 Revised)Use of this Short Form is not authorized and the Standard State Contract Form must be used if any of the following apply: (i) the Contract Term is more than 12 months; (ii) the Maximum Amount is more than $24,999; (iii) the Scope of Work involves life safety, transport of persons, hazardous materials, construction, data usage or sharing, access to confidential information, services of licensed professionals, a Zero Dollar Contract, and/or a Financial Transaction Contract.

Contract Amendment Form

Novation and Amendment Form

Construction Requirements

Additional Terms and Conditions for Architect and Engineer Requirements

Contractor Tax Exempt Form

Fuel Requirements Form

Online Forms

  • Contract Comments Form
  • Website Comments Survey

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